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o/PARASHOOT warns you when inserting a card containing .RSV files.

What are .RSV Files?

When writing a clip can not be properly be finished due to power loss, on many Sony cameras you might find the unfinished clip with a .RSV ending. This can also happen, if you remove the card while the red light next to the slot is still blinking due to a long clip being finished.

Steps to Handle .RSV Files

  1. Do Not Delete or Modify .RSV Files Directly
    These files are part of the camera’s internal recovery system. Deleting or modifying them can result in data loss or corruption.

  2. Check Camera for Recovery Options
    The VENICE, FS6, FS7 and A7S Mark III are known to being able to recover unfinished clips:
    • Insert the memory card back into the camera.

    • Power on the camera and navigate to the playback mode.

    • The camera may prompt you to recover the video files. Follow the on-screen instructions to attempt recovery.

  3. Backup Your Files
    Before attempting any recovery or repair, copy all files from the memory card to your computer. Make sure your backup software includes all hidden files.

Recover Data from a .RSV File

If your camera was not able to recover the data, there are different software tools which might be able to recover the clip. For this to work you will need a working clip with the exact same recording settings as a donor.

Here is a (hopefully growing) list of tools and services which might help:

  • Untrunc
    Open source command line tool which we had great success with. We wrote a short guide on how to install and use it on macOS.

  • Treasured
    Be prepared for a quite expensive quote. But most likely they will be able to fix your file.

  • We would love to hear about any other successful options you have used!

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