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How are cards detected?

o/PARASHOOT tries to determine if an external storage medium is a card by some very simple rules. All media where the filesystem is UDF, ExFAT, FAT32 or FAT16 is considered a card. Special detection has been implemented for RED, Blackmagic and AJA cards formatted as HFS+ (MacOS Extended). All other media is ignored by default.

What if my card is not detected?

Please contact our support team with as much information as possible about the card, its content and the reader you use. Please also include the output of the following two terminal commands:

diskutil info /Volumes/YOUR_CARD_NAME

ls -laOR /Volumes/YOUR_CARD_NAME

Ignoring a disk

Sometimes one of your disks might be wrongfully detected as cards. Most of the time this is an ExFAT formatted backup or shuttle drive. While, due to the missing journaling feature, we would not recommend using that file system for backups, sometimes you have no choice. Here is how to ignore such disks in o/PARASHOOT:

For o/PARASHOOT version 1 and 2:

To ignore a disk in ParaShoot you can create a hidden file called .no_card in its root folder. You can use the terminal to do this:

touch /Volumes/A003XYZ1/.no_card

New in version 2:

o/PARASHOOT version 2 now conveniently allows to do ignore disks in the new user interface:

This will create the .no_card file for you.

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