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The batch erase function in o/PARASHOOT allows you to erase multiple cards simultaneously, which is especially useful if you have several card readers. Rest assured, the function uses the same backup verification process for all your cards, ensuring that only cards with at least one backup are eligible for erasure.


If you have three cards (A001, B001, and C001) in your readers, and:

• Card B001 is still copying

• Cards A001 and C001 are ready for erasure

When you select the batch erase menu item, the system will check all three cards. Since one card (B001) is not yet ready to be erased, the function will prompt you to erase only the two ready cards (A001 and C001).

Therefore, it is completely safe to press the batch erase menu item at any point in your workflow.

NOTE: For quick access to the batch erase functionality, you can define a hotkey in the settings or use our Stream Deck plugin.

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