Restoring a card


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If a card was fake-formatted using o/PARASHOOT and hasn't been reformatted in the camera since then, your data remains intact and is fully recoverable.

To restore the card, simply put it back into the reader and choose the restore option in the drop down menu.

Things to consider if it doesn't seem to work:

  • Some cards need to be physically removed and reinserted into the reader after restoring.

  • On some systems you need to give the app full disk access permission before it can restore a card it did not format itself. Please do so by going to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy -> Full Disk Access. If the app is not in the list you can add it with the + icon at the bottom.

NOTE: o/PARASHOOT can only restore cards that were formatted by its fake-formatting method. Trying to restore any other unreadable media will not work.

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