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Is it possible to erase CineMags?
Is it possible to erase CineMags?


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Yes, you can erase the currently mounted CineMag® with o/PHANTOMFUSE. This will be done by the CineStation® in exactly the same way as the camera would. There is no need to re-erase it in the camera.

→ Click on the o/PHANTOMFUSE icon of the macOS menu bar and select "Erase CineMag".

When you first erase a CineMag you will be asked to set a backup destination. o/PHANTOMFUSE will then check if you have a copy off all the clips on the mag. As a last security measure it does only check for file names and file sizes. No checksums are verified.

This is using the exact same algorithm as o/PARASHOOT.


If you set the backup destination to a very large backup volume it might take quite some time to run. To reset the path in such a case, please delete the backup_path setting via the following command:

rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/PHANTOMfuse/backup_path

You will then be prompted to set a new one on the next try.

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