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How to configure the network
How to configure the network


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The CineStation® IV provides both a 1GbE and a 10GbE port. The camera only provides 1GbE. The corresponding IP addresses are displayed on the devices. The XIP address of the CineStation IV is used for 10GbE, the IP address for 1GbE connection. If you set up a network, it is important to use the same subnet as the connected device. However the IP respectively XIP address of your network has to be different.

The following example uses notional IP or XIP addresses. However the demonstrated configurations below can be used in most cases.

Let's say the XIP address of our hypothetical CineStation IV is Therefore the corresponding subnet is For setting up a network connection, we can use any IP address between -, but not In addition, the subnet mask has to be

Example configurations

10 GbE:

1 GbE:

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