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o/PHANTOMFUSE relies on an external tool called macFUSE which will be installed by our installer but can be updated independently. If your CineMag suddenly stops mounting, often the issue can be fixed by reinstalling the latest o/PHANTOMFUSE version from here.

Please also make sure to enable the macFUSE kernel extension in System Preferences → Security & Privacy:

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You will need to reboot your machine after allowing the kernel extension.

If your CineMag is still not mounting please follow this list:

  • Check your network settings → correct IP address and Subnet Mask

  • Check the log (PHANTOMfuse → Help → Debug → Show Logfile​

  • Disable your Firewall

  • Check power supply of CineStation® IV and Thunderbolt to 10GbE adapter

  • Check if CineMag® is inserted properly

  • Check your external connections / interfaces / cables

  • Restart your computer

  • Check your network activity and functionality

  • Check if the driver for your external Thunderbolt to 10GbE adapter or internal Ethernet card is installed properly

If these steps did not help, please send us a detailed error description using the support request feature in the apps menu. This will include the latest logs.

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