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Advanced network configuration
Advanced network configuration


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Shrinking the subnet

If you want to use multiple CineStations or have to access a WiFi network in the same subnet as your VRI device you might need to shrink the subnet mask from to or even smaller. For this how-to let’s assume your CineStation has the following configuration:


To change the network settings of your CineStation let’s connect to the 1GbE interface and configure it accordingly. Use the IP for your machines network 1GbE interface with a netmask of If your 10GbE interface has two ports, I suggest you use one for 1GbE and one for 10GbE connection. Don’t connect them both at the same time to the same CineStation though.

The following command will change the netmask of the CineStations 10GbE interface to

echo 'set eth.xnetmask ""' | nc -G1 7115

You can verify the network configuration with the following command:

echo 'get eth' | nc -G1 7115

It should now look similar to this:

eth : {		\
ip : "", \
netmask : "", \
broadcast : "", \
gateway : "", \
mtu : 1500, \
xip : "", \
xnetmask : "", \
xbroadcast : "" \

You can now set the subnet mask of the 10GbE interface your macOS network configuration to

Reset before returning the device to the rental

If you do not own that device, please don’t forget to reset it either through

echo 'set eth.xnetmask ""' | nc -G1 7115

or a factory reset:

echo 'iload' | nc -G1 7115
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