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o/PHANTOMFUSE workflow

o/PHANTOMFUSE is operating as a background process. A symbol in the macOS menu bar indicates that o/PHANTOMFUSE is running. The symbol also gives access to all settings, including reel naming, erasing and unmounting CineMags.


  • Mounting of connected CineMags as external drive

  • Custom Reel Naming

  • Industry standard clip naming

  • Safe erasing of CineMags

Enter License Key

When starting o/PHANTOMFUSE the first time or if your license has expired, o/PHANTOMFUSE prompts to enter a valid license key.

You can purchase a new license on our website: https://ottomatic.io/o/phantomfuse/#get-ophantomfuse

Start Screen and Menu Bar Icon

The o/PHANTOMFUSE icon is located in the macOS menu bar. The icon indicates that o/PHANTOMFUSE is running and it gives access to all settings.


The images below show the drop-down menu with access to all settings, as well as the function for custom reel naming. After a new reel name is assigned, reel numbers of subsequent mounted CineMags will be incremented automatically.

o/PHANTOMFUSE Menu and external drive symbol of the mounted CineMag

Custom Reel Naming

Accessing CineMag Data

When using o/PHANTOMFUSE, connected CineMags are mounted as external drives. All containing files can be accessed via macOS Finder or other software.

CineMag content displayed in macOS finderโ€‹

CineMag content displayed in Pomfort Silverstack

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